The most important pitfalls of the development of health organizations

Hamid Moghimi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Health and Beauty Importers Association

Hamid Moghimi is born in Kermanshah.
he holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and has been in the international shipping industry for four years.
Alongside it, it has been in the cosmetics field for years.
It has been associated with the organization since the founding of the Health and Beauty Importers Association and is today the chairman of the board.
About 2 to 4 companies are active in this area, about half of which are members of the association.

Being organized with a corporation has many fundamental differences and this is a fact that is ignored. It is not to be expected that those who are successful managers in their companies can also be successful and influential people on the board of directors. Managing organizations and even working on a board of directors requires special skills training. The decision-making process in the organizations must be participatory and clever, otherwise the organizations may face problems such as divergence and substantive differences. In this regard, the Chamber of Commerce offers training courses for the board of directors and secretaries of organizations, which is very useful. In my opinion, attendance at these courses should be mandatory for the board of directors. That is, membership of the board of directors is subject to the attainment of these courses. In this way, we can help improve the capacity of the organizations effectively. It also avoids many problems and differences.
The reputation of the board of directors is a very important component in attracting the trust and confidence of statesmen and, consequently, making the organizations more influential and powerful. In such circumstances, the incentives for the membership of the organizations to be increased and even the financial support of the organizations to be increased.

The existence of parallel organizations, whether inside the chamber of commerce or in other organizations that have already registered organizations, is one of the biggest disadvantages to this area. The existence of parallel formations causes friction and unhealthy competition. They are a serious obstacle to creating a single sound. Deliberately or unwillingly, members disagree and cause mistrust. In this respect, it was decided that under the Business Improvement Act, the Chamber of Commerce would be recognized as the sole authority for registering organizations and attempting to remove or merge parallel organizations, but unfortunately, the interests of some groups appear to be This has prevented the realization of this determination.

One of the expectations of the private sector and relevant organizations is that the chamber of commerce, as the hub and supporter of the organizations, will support the organizations against the excesses of some state apparatuses, but unfortunately this support is not very strong. We see that some organizations do not recognize organizations at all and do not pay attention to them in decision making. However, according to the Law on the Continuous Improvement of the Business Space and the First Vice President’s Circular, all agencies are required to receive the opinion of the organizations before issuing their instructions. Certainly if the chamber of commerce had been stronger in this regard and supported the organizations, we would have seen a better time for the organizations.
In my opinion, one of the weaknesses of the organizations in the field of health is the low number of members of the organizations. The fact is that government agencies have to delegate some of their powers and responsibilities to the organizations in order to increase the power of the organizations and increase the incentives for corporations to participate and join. At the same time, corporate membership must be mandatory and compulsory by government agencies. In the health field, if the Food and Drug Administration forces companies to become members of their own organizations, we will surely see the growth and development of organizations, and as such, much of the work of government agencies and associations is outsourced. It is saved.

In discussing the non-participation and membership of all companies in organizations, there are other components that should not be overlooked. Failure of organizations to pursue members’ demands is one of the reasons that clearly influence the motivation of members. Also, discussing members ‘satisfaction with the board of directors is also a very important issue that leads to a decrease or increase in members’ motivation.

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